The unconscious in action .”A long scratch crosses the heart,
a deep gash.A great wave rushed through it leaving behind destruction
Now try growing new tissues . ”
(Anat Agami 2011)And looking at Anat Agami’s unique paintings
one may indeed start putting out new tissues,
At first glance you don’t see it,
the revelation takes time,
continuing almost into infinity.
Because what you see from there is not what you see
from here.
Closer than close till the discoveries
reveal themselves by themselves.As one has to approach someone patiently,
bit by bit, to get fully acquainted,you have to approach this artist’s
works with that same atience.Looks like an elephant.
That must be a bike.
But underneath – there’s a whole universe to discover .
This is Agami’s seventh exhibition.
English-born,1958, A dedicated Harley riderand self-taught painter .

Anat lives in Nof Yam in Israel with her partner,
their two grown-up sons,
a variety of pets and a couple of
Harley-Davidson motor-bikes. That freedom,

that power bestowed upon her by the wind that breathes
into her as she drives along – that is what manifests itself
too in the creative process.
A full and free void, an unconventional life philosophy,
open to a not yet created possibility. Laughter,
joy and sadness – all these are mixed on the palette of life,

producing an arresting and innovative blend. Agamizm.

Agamizm is a fusion of surrealism and intuitive painting
streaming from the unconscious.


The works are born without prior planning or any kind
of imitation. Applying the brush to the canvas is accidental,
fluid and limitless.
Artist Anat Agami
touches the surface with the brush,
is swept in,
floats through as the shapes
and images born from nothing rush straight into
the universe of color. Here they take on
a life of their own, a phase of development,

with Agami there to support them and emphasize
their presence.
Just like discerning living forms
in clouds or in rocks jutting out of the sea,

figures leap onto the canvas and ask their
creator to share her discoveries with the viewer.

This is a silent discourse between her and the canvas.
“I don’t do the painting,” says the artist, ”

it’s seems like the canvas and colors have their own say ”

The paintings in this exhibition come in various formats
and different media: oils, acrylic, ink and pitch.

All the works contain minute details and little anecdotes,
drawn with the hand of free-flowing imagination that is
Agami’s absolute DNA.
They say God is in the detail,
this is most clearly evident in the artist’s work.

Micro and macro, infinitessimal and gigantic,
the power of the universe opposite to the nothingness of man,
optimism and pessimism,
miniature figures bordered by a clear overall
being – it is they who together create a breathtaking mosaic,
they who weave a harmonic tapestry in which form
and color combine into one unique creation.
” You are open to dying

Switch off worlds

turn off sounds and detach
That’s what you do before you die.

then –

You may choose life.”
Anat Agami
Gali Zvi Weiss – author